Thursday, 3 November 2016

Guy Fawkes

1.What day is Guy Fawkes Night? November the 5th 1605

 2.Why do we celebrate it? Because the king was saved from guy fawkes is friends man.

 3.Who is it about? It is about Guy Fawkes how the are gonna blow up the parliament.

 4.How it started? It started by when the king did not respect the christian and catholic religion so they wanted to kill the king.

 5.Guising? Children dress up and go from house to house to get treats like wine and bread.

 6.Souling? It is when they buy soul bread and to pray to the dead that have passed.

 7.How it has changed? Halloween changed in different ways like how we don't do souling and bomb fire with dummys.



  1. Hello Damien,

    I'm Mark, a teacher with the Summer Learning Journey you signed up for at the end of school. I was just having a read through all the blogs and I came across this one of yours. Don't worry, I'm not here to tell you off for not starting the SLJ! But I am going to say I really liked this blog of yours! It looks like you put a lot of effort into deciphering the many different stories about how Halloween came into being, and how Guy Fawkes started, and came to your own conclusions, which is pretty cool.

    I'm sure if you find time that you'll join the others online and really enjoy our activities and the learning opportunities they provide.

    For now though, have a great holiday and I hope to see you online soon!


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