Friday, 6 September 2013


Yesterday after lunch Room 13 lined up outside the classroom to get ready for cross country. All of Pt England School was sitting on the courts in their age lines waiting for the races to begin.  I was so excited that we were having cross country.

The first race was the 5 year old boys and girls. They ran really fast and I was cheering and shouting for them. I was feeling very excited while I was waiting for my race to start. I liked having cross country because it was like a real race, and I wanted to try to come first.When i was running on the field it was so slippery my favourite part that i  liked is when we were running on the grass we all had 1 lap around the whole field.
It was amazing to hear Aidan won.Aidan was the one that came first I was really tired because it was a long run. when i came back to the finish line i had mud all over me.The mud covered my feet it was so slippery i slipped on the muddy puddles. That’s why i like running because i like getting fit and skinny so i can be fast like the other here for the movie

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