Monday, 11 November 2013

Athletics Day 2013

On Friday 8th November Point england school had athletics day. There were lots of activities set up on the field and on the reserve. We could wear our house colours. I forgot to bring my colours so I had to wear my uniform. I was with the year 5 boys. Our first event was the sprints. It was fun. Mr Burt was the starter. We lined up for our heats. Mr Burt said “take your mark, get set,” then we heard BANG as the clapper went. I took off down the track running as fast as I could to the end. I finished 4th in my heat and sadly didn’t make the finals. When we had finished we moved onto our next activity which was high jump. Finally it was my turn to jump. I ran up to the mat and jumped over the bar “yes” I thought as I made it, but suddenly I felt a thump as I landed on the ground, i was laughing because I missed the mat. We did lots of events but my favourite part was tug of war. I liked it because it was lots of fun. We had to get into our house groups so we could compete against each other. I’m in Te Arawa and we didn’t win any but I had heaps of fun. The best bit was when we pulled the rope and we let go and the Takitimu team all fell over. When it was all over I was feeling very happy and tired. I can’t wait for athletics day next year to try and do better.

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