Thursday, 5 December 2013

My reflection for 2013

Reading: Reading is good for you because you learn to read hard words and recognise letters as well. I like to read at home with my mum and at school with my teacher . I like to learn about new things when i read. My goal for reading is to move up to a higher level.

Writing: My favourite work is writing because I like to write about different things. I like to tell people my stories about what I do at home and school. My goal in writing next year is to write longer stories and not get help all the time. 

Maths I like to do maths because we get to go on Maths Whizz and Xtramaths. We learn lots of different things by going on maths whizz like adding, subtracting and multiplication. I like maths because it helps me learn how to add things up so that if i buy something at the shop I know how much it will cost. My goal for next year is to be in a higher maths group. 

Conclusion: This year i'm trying my hardest to not fight by keeping my feet and hands to myself so I don’t get on detention. I hope I can take my netbook home at the end of the year so I can play games and keep up with my learning. I enjoyed being in Miss Lavakula’s class this year and have learnt lots of exciting things. I am looking forward to being a year 6 next year.

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