Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Damien My Holiday Highlight Term 4

I am standing trying to steal the money. Then I ran away with the money and went to the shops to buy some hot chips. In the holidays I went to my cousins to play games while my mum helped my Aunty get ready for an party.

I got to Play gta 5 with my cousin. I had to jump in the car, drive around and do missions. The mission was to kill people and drown them into the bucket of water. When I completed the mission you get to do anything ouse.

While we were playing my Mum was helping my aunty to organise party packs. The party packs have party poppers, balloons, lollies, chocolate, drinks and cakes in them. There were heaps of people coming so they had to make heaps of party packs.

When it finished we all went home.

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