Thursday, 15 October 2015

My Immersion Assembly

           Survivor Immersion Assembly/ Term4
On Monday the 12th of October we had an Assembly. When we walked into the hall some of the teacher's class was already in the hall waiting for the rest of the other classes to come. Then when everybody came we started assembly then we all had to watch Mr Burt,s video the people that was acting on the video were Jaylen,Ana and Jordan. In the video they were eating KFC then when it finished the other team’s teachers had their turn talking  before they've had to play the movie. When it finished we all came back to class.

But before we had to watch the video the prefects had to do the mihi and the karakia. After the mihi and the karakia finished it was time for team 1 teachers to come up and present. Then when team 2 came up miss Berry was dressed up in Barney and the other teacher was something else.

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