Friday, 19 February 2016

My Characters

Introduce the three boys

My Story is about these three boys they heard about this cool place that other people were talking about. It was not far from the bridge in the forest. So the three boys packed themselves plenty of warm clothes and left when they were walking one of the boys wanted to eat something. While they were making their way their suddenly saw this small mini shop so they stopped by to grab themselves something to eat and a drink before they hit walking again. After they finished eating they had to walk over the bridge to get their when they got their the three boys said to themselves finally were here. Then one of the boys opened the door of the hall there were nice bright lights beds toilet kitchen and finally a bathroom to go for a shower because the three boys was sweating and smelly. After they all finished a shower they went sleep then after that when they woke up there was a beautiful sun outside waiting for them.

They went to the hall because one of the boys saw the light of the hall on and they walked straight to that place. Because if the light were off they wouldn't be stuck outside in this weather that is cold and dark.  

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