Friday, 23 September 2016

My Reflection

TERM 3 For this reflection for term 3 I am going to talk to you about rugby and my future for it. Rugby is a contact sport with 15 players each side everyone has a mouth guard each and boots but their uniform will be provided. Each person always has the right gear on before they have to line up to run on the field as a team. We won against Dilworth school. It was a home game for us we had lots of supporters. And we played Wesley Intermediate at Eden park just before Northland and Auckland played Then when we finished we got changed. We changed into our warm clothes then sat back down on our sets waiting for Auckland and Northland to play. While we were sitting down I looked behind me and I saw one of the Warriors player his name Tuivasa Sheck. But when we ran to get a photo with him he ran away from us. My Highlights of the term is year 8 day out at Tamaki college. We have all learnt something about their school like what time do they switch to the next class for their next period. And also I am hoping I learn all of the Tamaki teacher's name for next year when we become year 9 students attending tamaki. My favourite period was English because we played this game on our chromebooks called kahoot. Like their were four shapes and you had to try pick the right shape so your points can build up and up and up. Wants we finished our period we had to meet back at the hall to have lunch.


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