Thursday, 7 August 2014

Making the Team 1.2.11

My training schedule for Ruby.
She has to do it 5 days a week at a Rugby field. She has to set up some cones 10 metres apart.
Exercise 1: Run around the rugby field for 10 minutes.
Exercise 2: Sprint from cone to cone 5 times
Exercise 3: Using the same cones, she needs to do High knees, butt kicks and lunges 2 times each.
Exercise 4: 20 Star Jumps 5 times.
Exercise 5: Warm Down, slow jog around the Rugby field.
Stretch and go home.


  1. Hi Damien it is me Billy I like your story about rugby. It was exciting reading your story.

  2. Awesome training schedule Damien. Ruby will be really fit if she does this.

  3. Sorry Billy nice trying.

    From Damien