Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Immersion Assembly

On Monday we had a Immersion assembly in the hall when we were going to sit down Mr Burt through some chocolate. And after that he gave some to the teachers so they can through some to the year 7&8 student.Then first team up was team 1 when it was team 5,s turn Mr wiseman said financially responsible to every body so they can say it too.

I enjoyed all of it because some of the team was Dressed into different clothes. But some of the other team wasn't Dressed into like cartoon clothes but Mr somerville was Dressed as sassy. And Miss Lavakula was extra happy because when we were looking at her she was very happy she had a smile. When she was on the stage she had a big smile all the way and when she went of the stage she went back to her chair and the teachers sat down.

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