Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My Explanation

What is a want?
It means you need something you don't have.Supporting means like adding stuff and people like it A want is like people want that but they don’t wanna buy it so they still buy it.

What is a Need?
A need is something you need to buy so you can live at home. But instead of buying food people go and buy something expensive like a car. The car is more expensive than buying food so you can’t live without food when your at home by yourself.

A Need?
Why a need is more important is because you might need something you really want from the shopes. But if you don't get what you need at the shops because you don't got that much money. Sometimes you can wait till it’s your pay day and get your money. when you get your money you could save it and spend it wisely or spend it straight away.

Why is a need more important than a want because every other people need what they want so they can relax. At home sometimes it’s boring but when your cousins are there you don’t get bored. Why you don’t get bored when your cousins or friends are there. It,s because you have someone to play with and you can vs them on the game.  

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