Monday, 11 April 2016

FiaFia 2016

This year for 2016 Fiafia group I am so excited to be part in the wonderful group of kapa haka. It is a maori group with little kids and big kids and with three good tutors. We get to wear costumes that they provide we wear piu piu it is a maori costume. And when we perform we are gonna perform loud and proud so our family can hear us. Why I picked kapa haka is because last last year for Fiafia I joined Cook Island dancing so I could be proud of my culture. When theirs fiafia people are selling their island food it is so yummy because sometimes they bring donuts and other food that they make. What I’m looking forward for 2016 Fiafia tonight is their performance. We only have tonight then we are on the stage performing.

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