Wednesday, 4 May 2016

As I See It Immersion Assembly

Anddd we are back for term 2. This Monday morning we had a Immersion assembly this morning to kick off the new term. Mrs Nua welcomed us back, wearing a box with art work attached. First team up was team 1 they were talking about their favourite things and showing their picture. And then after that was team 2 they were talking about Summer, Winter,Autumn,Spring. Team 3 was talking about Grand design Architecture they built a Tent and they'd get to sit in it after they’d make it. Team 4 Miss West,Miss Moala, amiture superhero. The teachers Avengers Mr Goodwin Mr Sommerville Miss Lavakula. Team 5 They were talking about our waka called Hokule’a Te Aurere Hikianalia Hinemoana.

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